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interlocking sheets

Interlocking pre-made penny tile sheets

Click here for time-lapse video on interlocking sheets installation

These coins were adhered to a self-adhesive mesh backing.  This different type of mesh backing has no effect on the tiling process (thin-setting and grouting are the same); however, you may notice the sheets themselves are a bit more flexible, and their back sides are slightly tacky; thus, they are separated by waxy paper.


These metal tiles may tarnish or patina over time.  We have had success sealing penny tiles with an over-the-counter product called Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish. Epoxy resin coating is another popular method to seal the pennies. We make no guarantees with either of these products.


Penny tiles are ready for thinset, mortar, or mastic and unsanded grout or epoxy.  Experienced or professional tile installation is recommended.

real penny tile | interlocking penny tile sheets

We specialize in real penny tile and real nickel tile awhile giving mosaics a new twist with traditional American coins. Your penny tile projects or nickel tile projects are made easy by using our pre-made nickel tile & penny tile interlocking sheets. Pennies on mesh or nickels on mesh make for convenient installation and are ready for thin-set and grout. Buy real penny tiles or real nickels tiles today!

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